Identity and Access Management

interopiO™ provides identity and access management at the account level and at the environment level.

Account Level Management

All users are account-level users.  At the account level, users are either Owners or Users.

  • Owner: A user that has been assigned the Owner role.  An owner has all administrative permissions for the account and also for each environment within the account.  This includes the ability to:
  • User: A user that has not been assigned the Owner role.  A user is granted permission to manage their own account and may also be granted access to environments.  This includes the abilitiy to:
    • Manage their own user account 
    • Use Environments
      • A user cannot view any environment unless the user has been granted permissions within that environment.
      • View environments for which they have been granted permissions
      • Interact with an environment according to the permissions the user has been granted for that environment.

Environment Level Management

Users with an Owner role create and manage all environments within their interopiO account.  Users without an Owner role may be assigned a permission for an environment by a user with an Owner role.  By default, users without the Owner role are assigned the environment permission of 'None'.


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