Intro to CDS Hooks Management

CDS Hooks allow for third party developers to create and disseminate services that can be called in EHR settings through "hook" patterns. CDS services will return a list of "cards" that may be presented to the user to help them at the point of care. These "cards" may present information, warn about potential dangers in medications or procedures, or even present a SMART on FHIR app that may provide additional assistance. Developed by the SMART on FHIR team, the CDS Hooks standard promotes interoperability in both services and security. InteropiO offers the ability to aggregate services and track their usage.

CDS Hooks Management

As CDS Hooks become increasingly popular, their management will become proportionally difficult. InteropiO helps alleviate issues of this convolution by centralizing the management of many services on a single platform. All CDS services can be registered in an environment using the service's "discovery endpoint". Once registered, the services can be "activated" on one or more gateways so that any number of 3rd party services can be called from a singular source.

See the following tutorials to learn more:


Usage analytics and data may be crucial as the integration of CDS Hooks increases. Since CDS services are provided by 3rd party vendors, service consumers will want to track the services' efficiency and usefulness. InteropiO has the ability to track analytics such as CDS invocations performed, the number of cards returned, and FHIR calls performed by CDS services. Future analytics will include apps launched through displayed cards.

See Cds Service Usage Analytics for more details.

Specialized Context

Passed along with every call to a downstream cds service is history context about the service. This context is taken from our analytics service and allows cds services to make more informed decisions about when and how to present cards. The context takes into account the provider, patient, and service. For example, if a cds service doesn't want to return cards after a certain hook has been called only one minute earlier, it can look at the context received from interopiO to make that decision.

See CDS Service InteropiO Context for more details.


Official CDS Hooks specification:

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