Activate an App on a Gateway

Gateway Activation

Now that the application (App) has been registered, it must be activated on an gateway created earlier:

  1. Select the App to be activated. Click on the "Activations" tab at the top of the screen.
  2. At the top right of the box, click "Add Activation".
  3. Provide name and select gateway. When selecting a Gateway that requires Launch Proxy you will be asked to provide optional launch proxy client ID.
  4. Click "Add Activation".
  5. The new Activation will appear in the list. 

If your Activation is against a gateway that requires launch proxy a blue "Launch Proxy Required" button will appear in the gateway column of your Activation. Click on it to get all details required to register your App with the EHR instance. Otherwise a big dark blue "Launch" button will be present next to your Activation that allows you to directly launch the app from interopiO™.

Editing Activation

For each of your Activations you can access an edit menu when you click the   button at the end of the row. This button will allow you access to:

  • "View Activation" menu where you can view details about this activation and edit them.
  • "Health Report" button that shows the application's health report.
  • "Disable Activation" button that allows you to disable this activation and stop it form working without deleting it.
  • "Delete Activation" button that allows you to delete your activation.


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