What is interopiO®?

What is interopiO?

interopiO is a technology platform that offers standards-based, technical normalization of the interaction between your application and disparate data sources. It also provides features to help you meet the governance requirements across various health systems along with real-time usage-based analytics and reporting features which help you manage multiple deployments of your application.

There are many components that make up interopiO and while a summary is provided here, details about each component can be found throughout the pages in this resource.

The interopiO platform  allows health care applications to be deployed across various health care systems by using SMART on FHIR® standards to normalize data between these systems. It consists of components like environments, data adapters, CDRs, gateways, monitoring services and CDS hooks which can be used together to provide interoperability in healthcare. 


Environments: An environment is a logical container within which various components of interopiO can be instantiated and work together. 

Data Adapters: Data adapters represent a bridge between an external healthcare data source and the versions of the FHIR® standard that are supported by interopiO.

CDRs: A clinical data repository (CDR) allows users to have access to a fully operational FHIR® Data Repository. It is an empty repository which can be loaded with any health care data based on a specific FHIR® standard.

CDS Hooks: CDS Hooks allow for third party developers to create and disseminate services that can be called in EHR settings through "hook" patterns. interopiO allows centralizing the management of many services on a single platform.

Gateways: A Gateway represents an API endpoint which surfaces FHIR® and CDS Hooks functionality. A Gateway is backed by a Data Adapter or a CDR which defines what data is surfaced through that Gateway.  

Applications: interopiO allows users to register applications securely against gateways which front EHRs (electronic health records) or other health care systems. 

Monitoring services: As applications and data adapters form the crux of a SMART on FHIR® application launch, providing monitoring against the health of applications and data adapters is another governance feature provided by interopiO.

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