Registering an Application


There are no strict prerequisites before registering an application (app) in interopiO™. However in most cases you should have a gateway registered first. This gateway will be where the app will be accessible. Information about the gateway will be needed when activating the app. For more information about gateways follow this link:

Using interopiO > Gateway Management


Follow these steps to register an app on interopiO™:

  1. Click on "Apps" link on left side of screen or the Apps widget if you're on the environment home page.
  2. Click "Register New App".
  3. Provide information in the following steps:
    1. Step 1:
      1. "Display Name": The display name is used within the interopiO™ admin console and interopiO™ Portal to identify this app registration.
      2. "App ID": Used to uniquely identify the app registration within an environment, must be unique across all apps registered in an environment.
      3. "Description" (optional): Shown within the admin console to describe the app registration.
      4. "Client Id": An identifier that must be unique across all apps registered on the interopiO platform.  This will be registered in the interopiO™ auth server and must be presented by the application during the authorize step of the SoF (SMART® on FHIR®) app launch.  Because this ID is required to be unique we provide a guaranteed unique identifier during app registration, but you may override this if your application has already identified a unique client id.
    2. Step 2: 
      1. The "App Launch URI" field holds the launch URI of the SoF App you are registering. interopiO will automatically check if the provided value is a valid link.
      2. "App Health URI" :  An endpoint/URI which can be queried by interopiO's monitoring service to verify the health of an application. This is not mandatory. If the health URI is empty, then the application will not be automatically monitored.
      3. The "App Redirect URI" setting can holds the redirect URI of the App. It allows for multiple links.
      4. Click "Next".
    3. Step 3: Provide the Access Scopes that the App needs.
    4. Step 4: Select the Security based on the client type of SoF App you are registering (public app, confidential app, backend service). You will be asked to also provide client secret when registering confidential app or backend service.
  4. Review that all information is accurate, then click "Register App".
  5. You will get redirected to the App Details page of your newly registered App.

After registering an app you will want to activate it against Gateway. 

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