interopiO™ CDS Service Context Injection

The CDS Hooks specification allows for custom context to be passed along to the downstream CDS service. How this context is utilized is up to the cds service provider. Most frequently used (since they are required by every existing CDS hook type) are "patientId" and "userId". However, interopiO™ leverages the fact that custom context can be added. A cds service will discover "interopioContext" in the "context" object with every invocation. For now, the object includes one field: "invocationHistory"


"invocationHistory" is a list of objects representing instances where the particular CDS service has been invoked. The list here only represents invocations that match the following criteria:

  • "patientId"
  • "userId"
  • CDS service id
  • Returned one or more cards

An "invocationHistory" object contains two fields:

  1. "timestamp" - when the invocation occured
  2. "cards_returned" - list of the cards returned in that particular invocation. It only contains the "summary" that was returned in each card.

Here's an example of a request body that may be sent to the cds service, including the "interopioContext" object.

"hookInstance" : "d1577c69-dfbe-44ad-ba6d-3e05e953b2ea",
"context": {
"patientId": "patient123",
"userId": "Practitioner/doctor123",
"interopioContext": {
"invocationHistory": [
"timestamp": 1566595121,
"cards_returned": [
{ "summary": "string" }


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