Create an interopiO™ Account

To get started with interopiO™, one can create an account on interopiO™'s Administrative Console  

An account is created at the company or organization level. This is translated to a sub-domain on the domain. E.g. if your company name is Foo Bar Inc, and the account id is foobar, then the link to your account is

By creating an account, a company is given access to interopiO™ with an administrator role for managing the account. An administrator can thus manage various components of interopiO™ specific to the account's needs. 

How to create an account?

To create an account, an email is required to be entered. The email used is for the owner/administrator of the account who is also the first user of the system.

The system sends a six-digit confirmation code to specified email. This code has to be entered and a terms of agreement page is displayed.

Once the user accepts the terms of use agreement, a user profile screen is displayed.

Creating a user profile requires entering a name and password. 

The account creation screen is then displayed where the account display name and an account id has to be entered. The account id will be used as a sub-domain on

Once the account is created, the sign in screen on the new subdomain (e.g. ) is displayed and one can login via the email and the password set up during the account creation process.

The user is then taken into the account where they can set up environments, add more users and adjust further settings on the account. 

An administrator can create environments, create data adapters, set up gateways, register applications and activate applications against a gateway.  

Further details about using interopiO™ can be found here.

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