Getting Started with an interopiO® Account

Invitation Process

Once you are ready to get started with interopiO, submit a request for an interopiO Account from interopiO's Administrative Console. A representative from Interopion will reach out to assist you in getting your interopiO Account provisioned. Once you and the representative have selected the appropriate interopiO subscription plan, the representative will initiate account creation and send an invitation email with a link to complete the creation of your interopiO Account.

interopiO Account Creation Process

Upon receiving the invitation email, click the link and follow the steps in the Account creation wizard on the interopiO's Administrative Console.  During this process, an Account name and an Account id will be established. This account id needs to be unique and will be used as the sub-domain of the account. E.g. if your company name is Foo Bar Inc, and the account id is foobar, then the link to your account would be:

Additionally, a Console User account with an administrator role will be created for the Account for managing the Account as part of the Account creation process. This will require an email address and a password to be set for this user and as part of the creation of this user account, interopiO will verify the email by requiring the user to enter a code sent to the user's email address.

Once the account is created, the sign in screen on the new subdomain (e.g. ) is displayed and one can login via the email and the password set up during the account creation process.

The user is then taken into the account where they can set up environments, add more users and adjust further settings on the account. 

An administrator can create environments, create data adapters, set up gateways, register applications and activate applications against a gateway. Further details about using interopiO can be found here.

Adding Additional Console Users

After an Account is initialized, the owner/administrator of the account can add additional Console Users. To create another Console User, navigate to the 'Users & Permissions' section and select the 'Invite User' button, enter the email address of the user being invited and click send.

The system will send an invitation email to the user with instruction on how to create their Console User Account.

See Identity and Access Management.

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