Terminologies Recipe


Terminology is a fundamental concept within Healthcare IT and within HL7 FHIR.  interopiO™ provides an HL7 FHIR Terminology server as part of interopiO's CDR.  Using the interopiO Terminology API, you can:

  • Create or reference a code system
  • Create or reference a value set
  • Record data using pre-coordinated codes
  • Record data using post-coordinated expressions
  • Record data using multiple local or standard code systems (translations)
  • Expand a value set
  • Validate a code
  • Look up a display term for a code
  • Translate a code from one value set to another
  • Maintain a client-side transitive closure table on subsumption relationships
  • Test subsumption between concepts
  • For a set of property/concept pairs, return the set of concepts for the requested properties
  • Map data between different terminologies
  • Declare the capabilities of a terminology service


HL7 FHIR Resources

The following resources compose the interopiO Terminology API:

Our interopiO Terminology API conforms to the HL7 FHIR Terminology Service standard seen here.


Contact Us

The terminology space is complex.  We would love to discuss your particular use case to help determine a plan and implementation of your terminology within interopiO.


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